» The official site

Peter Vogel's web site

» The Peter Vogel's web site, one of the founding members of Fairlight Instruments

The Holmes Page

One of the first sites about the Fairlight

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The Fairlight Archive

» JB Emond's web site (a friend of mine), the main source for the different Fairlight manuals. Don't buy pirated copies on ebay ! All the manuals are freely downloadable here


A comprehensive and very technical section on the different Fairlight models

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John Twyman's web site

Another very comprehensive site, which has, among other things, a comparative analysis of the two CMI II sequencers (page C and page R), a detailed description of each page of the CMI II menu, a list of former Fairlight employees...

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Art & Technology

» Adrian S. Bruce's website (a former Fairlight employee)

Switched On

A page on the Qasar II and the M8, which were the ancestors of the Fairlight CMI

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Sound On Sound

An article from the British magazine Sound On Sound about the Fairlight CMI. It was written by Norman Leete, another Mellotron fanatic (see links in the Mellotron section)

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Music Thing

» A 6 part article about the Fairlight CMI from the Music Thing blog

Yahoo! Groups - Fairlight CMI

The best discussion forum on the Fairlight

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Trevor Marshall's web site

Trevor Marshall is the creator of the ETI3600 and 4600 (see history)

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