Demonstration for the CMI II

 Official demo tape - side A

Hubert Bognermayr & Harald Zuschrader

BognermayrErdenklang - Computerakustische Klangsinfonie (1982)

 4th Movement : Eden       5th Movement : Irden

BognermayrBergpredigt (1983)

 Selig, Die Arm Sind Vor Gott...       Selig, Die Keine Gewalt Anwenden...
 Selig, Die Barmherzigen...              Selig, Die Ein Reines Herz Haben...

Those two albums were exclusively composed with a Fairlight CMI, which make them an essential listen for all the lovers of this instrument

Hubert Bognermayr and Harald Zuschrader's pictures

Peter Gabriel

GabrielPeter Gabriel IV (1982)

 The Rhythm Of The Heat       San Jacinto       Shock The Monkey

The previous LP, Peter Gabriel III (1980) may have been the first record to use the Fairlight (some tracks, and most notably Start, include subtle samples), but the Peter Gabriel IV album , whose main bulk had been composed on a CMI, was full of samples. Shock The Monkey, one of the hits of the year 1982, is a perfect example of the essential role of the Fairlight on this album.

GabrielBirdy (1984)

 Birdy's Flight

Mike Oldfield

OldfieldFive Miles Out (1982)


OldfieldDiscovery (1984)

 The Lake (excerpt 1)       The Lake (excerpt 2)

OldfieldThe Killing Fields (1984)

 Evacuation (excerpt 1)      Evacuation (excerpt 2)      Etude

Afrika Bambaataa & The Soulsonic Force

Afrika BambaataaPlanet Rock (1982)

 Planet Rock

Art Of Noise

Art Of Noise(Who's afraid of ?) The Art Of Noise (1984)

 A Time To Fear (Who's Afraid)       Beat Box (Diversion One)      Moments In Love

Jean-Michel Jarre

JarreZoolook (1984)

Wooloomooloo       Zoolook

Kate Bush

Kate BushHounds of Love (1985)

 Mother Stands For Comfort       Cloudbusting       Under Ice

Tears for Fears

Tears for FearsSongs From The Big Chair (1985)


Daniel Balavoine

BalavoineSauver l'amour (1985)

 Sauver l'Amour       Ne parle pas de malheur

Etienne Daho

DahoPop Satori (1986)

 Tombé pour la France (excerpt 1)       Tombé pour la France (excerpt 2)