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  • years of production : 1981
  • number of units : 4
  • original price ($) : 4495
  • dimensions (cm) W x H x D : 89.53 x 89.53 x 57.78
  • weight (kg) : 47

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The 4 Track is the only American Mellotron ; it was an attempt to improve the M400.

Only 4 units were produced by Bomar Fabricators in Southbury, in 1981 : two of them were white, one was black and one was matt blue.

The 4 Track used 1/4" tapes with 4 tracks, as the name indicates.
Instead of using a block with 35 magnetic heads moving to select the desired track (as on the M400), the 4 Track used a block of fixed heads which were able to play 4 tracks at once.

Each track had its own preamp, with the following controls : 3 band EQ, pan, volume, on / off switch, and one "on" light.

The 4 Track had a pitch control, a new motor controller card (SMS-3) and seven audio outputs : 4 direct ones (one for each track), 2 stereo ones (left and right) and one mono output (master).

The cabinet was made of aluminium.

Although the 4 Track brought many technical improvements compared to the M400, the quality of its tapes (which were recorded in the United States) was poor. As a consequence, this machine has never been used to its full effect.