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  • years of production : since 2007
  • number of units : ?
  • original price (£) : 4500
  • dimensions (cm) W x H x D : ?
  • weight (kg) : 74

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Twenty years after the production of Mellotrons stopped in 1986, Streetly Electronics introduced a new instrument in May 2007, the M4000.

From the outside, it looks like a M400 ; but a peek on the inside shows a cycling tape replay system similar to those of the Mark I, Mark II, SFX and M300 models. The M4000 is the first machine in almost forty years to include this system, which has been given up with the relase of the M400, in 1970.
The M4000 includes 8 banks of 3 sounds, which makes a total of 24 sounds - and 3/8" tapes with 3 tracks each are still used. The main advantage of this system is that the player can use a wide variety of sounds, without having to change the tape frame - unlike the M400, which had only 3 sounds available at once.

Text from the advertising booklet :

8 stations, 24 sounds.
That's the equivalent of 8 tape frames in one instrument.

Inching facility.
In addition to the factory presets, program your own 'start' positions. Advance the tapes by inching to your new preferred position. This can then be programmed in for future use.

Cycling optical failsafe.
Just like the MKII, the M4000 is designed to prevent damage to the tapes whilst the instrument cycles to the next station choice. If the keys are pressed during this operation, the unique optical keyboard scanner will shut down the cycling system.

MKII keyboard feel.
Anyone who has ever played a MKII has commented on just how good the keyboard feels compared to their M400. The M4000 recaptures that elusive feel, making the keyboard light and very playable.

MKII playing height.
Banish that bad posture for good. The M4000 has a much improved playing height allowing for a comfortable standing position.

Positively pressurised cabinet.
Foul air can clog up your mellotron and wreck your tapes. The M4000 has the unique FILTRON air cleanser that sucks in filtered air from the base and gently pressurises the cabinet keeping out stage smoke and other unwanted atmospheres.

Azimuth alignable tape heads.
The headblock is the heart of your mellotron and the heads must be accurately set. The M4000 playback heads are mounted in revolving collars so that each one can always be positioned for correct response.

Choose your own tapes.
The M4000 is supplied with a standard 24 sound tape set based on Streetly's most popular tape sales over the last 5 years. For an additional amount, we will be happy to execute a tape set of your choice from the extensive tape library now available from Streetly.




MKII Flute
String Section
MKII Brass
Male Choir
M300A Violins
MKII Church Organ
Bass Clarinet
MKII Violins
Eight Choir
MKII Tenor Sax
Female Choir
Russian Choir
McDonald Flute
Watcher Mix
Cor Anglais/Oboe
Church Organ
MKII Trombone
Boy’s Choir
Sad Strings
MKI Clarinet
Medieval Woodwind

A dual keyboard version of the M4000 will soon be available ; it will be named M5000. The two keyboards are placed side by side, as was the case with the Mark V.