Candor Chasma is a website which mainly deals with two musical instruments that have acquired a mythical status : the Mellotron and the Fairlight CMI.

The home studio section has information, pictures and manuals for other "vintage" keyboards

may 2007

» Streetly Electronics present a new tape replay keyboard instrument, the M4000.

march 2007

» News photos of the Mellotron Mark VI (thanks to Mikko Uusi-Oukari).

february 2007

» The Mellotron M300 audio excerpts are online.

» New Video page in the Fairlight section.

september 2006

» The Fairlight CMI IIx roms and eproms are online.

august 2006

» The pages about the Fairlight CMI models are online.

» The Fairlight CMI II and IIx manuals are online.

» New audio excerpts :

     . Mellotron : Gracious!
     . Orchestron : Kraftwerk
. Birotron : Yes

july 2006

After a few months break, the website has been updated to optimize the code and the browsing.

» The Novatron 400FX and T-550 brochures are online.

» New audio excerpts :

. Mellotron : Graham Bond Organisation, Manfred mann, Edgar froese, Jan Hammer, England, Harmonium, Luke Temple

. Fairlight : Hubert Bognermayr & Harald Zuschrader, Peter Gabriel, Mike Oldfield, Afrika Bambaataa, Art of Noise, Jean-Michel Jarre...

november 2005

» New pictures of the Minimoog and the Roland VP-330 vocoder.

» New pictures of the Mellotron FX Console.

october 2005

» The history of the Fairlight is online.

september 2005

The new Candor Chasma site is now online.

Candor Chasma is the new version of the Egrefin Home Studio site, the main French-speaking resource on the Mellotron and the Fairlight CMI.

On this new site, you will find the Mellotron section, updated with new articles on the Chamberlin, the Optigan, the Birotron ...

The Home Studio section has been updated, with a presentation of each instrument, audio excerpts, new photos and downloadable manuals.